"I wasn’t saying that you were a sadist, but perhaps I framed the question incorrectly. Though I never intended any offense, only one who was truly guilty of what I asked would be offended. I believe the phrase is, ‘if the shoe fits’… Why else would you want to destroy the robot, hypothetically or not?"

"Again, I did not say I wanted to, nor did I imply future intention that I was indeed going to. It was only the matter of ‘if’s, Near. As you said before, what use or benefit would it be for me if I did happen to destroy the robot?"



It was a gross exaggeration.

The jam-lover had already been padding slowly, easily out of the kitchen when Teru had spoken. Perhaps Beyond’s mind was already buzzing with a new thought, his attentiveness faulty at best. Consequently, the attorney’s methodical process of approaching each word he used had itself been faulty in that moment, as he had included a bit more than he could have of his true thoughts. But in a surge of childish optimism, Teru felt certain that the jam-lover …

… was retreating.

He felt no pride; pride was too lofty a sensation. Instead, it was closer to the feeling a bystander would get as he watched a car run a red light, and immediately attract the notice of a police vehicle. Well, a law-abiding bystander, at least. The weight of his own humanity was pressing against Beyond’s slender shoulders. The weight of his own weakness. The attorney found solace in the empty room, the cool light from the windows having become less threatening. He could hear the television, of course, but there was always something empty about his apartment that helped his mind to relax.

Having a house guest diminished the quality innumerably. Drawn out of his brooding revere by the languid words of the other, Teru couldn’t contain a small scoff. Jokes about crime weren’t really his cup of tea.

"Beyond," his tone was mellow, "while we can agree that one of those gestures was … thoughtful,” he cringed, unseen. “Let me remind you that such remarks in the presence of a prosecutor are not as wise.” And still, there was no pride in him - his words expressed his genuine opinion.

There was a sudden feeling of inner satisfaction as Beyond was destined to hear the sudden remark form the other man, standing nearly a few feet behind him, although he was still int he kitchen, he sure made his voice be heard clearly, and loudly, completely confident in by itself. Of course, that was to be expected by an attorney, they were to be sure of themselves if they wanted to get anywhere, and perhaps that is what intrigued Beyond the most.

Not only was Teru passionate towards his beliefs, but he was proudly confident the majority of the time. Each word that left his mouth was said with nothing but with a tone of self-certainty, and if Beyond had been any other person, hearing anything leave the other man’s mouth, he would not even question anything he would say. No arguments would be shed between them. 

But Beyond was not a typical person, and confidence did not mean they are correct.

His preference in humor, of course, did not seem to settle all to well with the other man, but his comment surely brought him to flash a slight wicked smile as he flipped through the channels of the television.

"You say that as if you are able to hold my words against me at this time," he stopped switching between channels when the screen automatically displayed a local news broadcasting program. “— There is no need to take it seriously.”




"I suppose there is some truth behind that. While I wouldn’t be pleased, it would not destroy me. There are other toys out there, and nothing is permanent, so I can’t say I would be heartbroken. I’m not attached to it, but that begs the question - do you feed off of disappointment of others?"

"You made it sounds as if I am a sadist, thriving to loom others with dread. I was only wondering, you take me as a monster I am assuming, I am insulted."




"I don’t remember saying you couldn’t, just that I preferred if you didn’t. Though, I don’t doubt you would taint the robot. What a pain. Either way, what would you gain from destroying it?"

"I don’t remember saying I was going to destroy it, merely I only implied that if I did happen to destroy it, it would not settle all to well with you.”




"It may not be in perfect condition, but I highly doubt anything can truly be perfect. It’s one that I treasure, one that I utilize quite often. Any wear to that particular robot further proves that it is not ignored and to be looked at, like most of its kind. I have no interest in looking at things. I prefer a more… hands-on approach."


"— In that case, is that why you deny me the right to touch it? Because it is one that you treasure so dearly? With that note being taken, I suppose it would pain you if I destroyed it?




"It merely looks that way because it’s a favorite of mine. At any rate, I have others you could just as easily pick up. I fail to see why that one holds interest for you."


"If it is a favorite of yours, wouldn’t that motivate you to take better care of it yourself?"



"I would prefer it if you didn’t touch that particular robot of mine, it’s a collector’s edition and you’re tainting it."


"Is it? I couldn’t tell. It looks old and worn to me, what difference would it make if I touched it myself?"




Shou could not truly remember the last time that he had spoken so at length with a stranger this way. Even if the male opposite him seemed to be disinterested, it was still sort of comforting to carry on a conversation with him. It was better than being outright rejected, he knew that. As he waited for the silence between them to pass, Shou allowed his gaze to wander, watching a plane pass overhead. It would seem that the other gentleman was also watching it, seeing as he was looking at the empty area above the raven’s head.

"Ah—" the implied question brought him to drop his stare, eyes now on his own two feet once more. It was, indeed, a dangerous area. But he was very close to his destination, and with only a fifteen minute walk in his way, the risk of being mugged or something similar was not quite enough to change his mind. Tucking his hands into his pockets, he responded softly.

"Y-.. yeah, but I.. wanted to walk." Not many young people came through this way, naturally, especially at night. Unless they were planning to.. well.. head in the direction that he himself was heading. "Sorry.. to bother you.."


As he speculated, this young man was definitely off, his attitude and behavior seemed.. vaguely familiar at some point, and the rapid ticking of his numbers were enough evidence to prove what this boy was in hopes of achieving. With a small sigh and cleanse of his throat, Beyond slacked his shoulders and shoved his spider-esque hands into the thick denim of his jeans, probably to indicate he meant no harm towards the other male.

"It is not that you are bothering me," he began, biting back his tongue in painless effort of accidentally letting his name slip off the tip of his tongue. He opened his mouth to continue, but he found himself in an uncomfortable halt, block of his own words when he realized he truly had nothing much to say.

With another brief glance above his head, Beyond settled with trying something he had never intended to do.

”.. Would you like to go get some coffee?” He asked in his usual, cold monotone vice, "— It’s rather cold tonight. Coffee usually does me justice in these temperatures!"

beyond birthday occasionally having this twitch at his fingers after his little ‘suicide attempt’ is what i live for 




"I’m not resisting, I’ve just been busy with—other things. It’s not a big deal. I’ll go have a glass of water if that makes you happy, but I’m hardly about to drop dead." A pause. "Am I?"


"If you do not feel sick as of this moment, then I do not see how you would ever consider your health being at risk here, It was merely a genuine suggestion, Light."

”.. and No.”




Taking brief consideration towards the other’s brief wary behavior, most likely succumbed to a a skeptical point of view toward his actions, Beyond tapped his index finger against the white porcelain mug and shifted his gaze elsewhere.

"Hmm? Oh, No. There is nothing I expect to receive form you in return for what I had done." he responded, making a slight gesture with his hand in indication to drop the subject altogether. "— You take me for someone who commits small favors in hopes of gaining something in return!" Lie. That was how his mentality was ideally formed out of. That simple philosophy is what he based most of his ‘appropriate’ actions from. He always included a ration of himself into a situation if it meant it would come with a beneficial value to him in the future.

However, carrying the other man to his bedroom was not what he would usually do if he hoped to expect something in return from the attorney, he would have approached him in another situation if he wanted anything, it was all but an act of gratitude.

With an overly-exaggerated toothy grin, Beyond turned away and grabbed his mug from the counter as he walked away from the prosecutor. 

Teru’s eyes widened in an almost imperceptible gesture. The corner of his mouth twitched upward, hidden by the mug in his hands. All at once, the attorney felt as if he had found his way to higher ground, raising him out of the dense fog of his own humiliation. Beyond wanted nothing? Fine. There was nothing Teru could offer him, anyway.

No satisfaction. No attention. No mercy, despite Beyond’s obvious willingness to overlook his own faults. 

And he would not be allowed to chastise the attorney’s judgments with any success.

Because there was nothing shocking about the way Beyond responded to his question, in fact, it only strengthened Teru’s preexisting assumptions about the other man. It was obvious that the jam-lover possessed a keen sense of ego. His crimes proved it. His lifestyle proved it. His facial expression proved it. But the attorney was satisfied to think he had pinned down a petty streak in the other - a will to belong that went further than simply wanting attention. 

Yet Teru simply couldn’t grasp the idea that Beyond’s actions stemmed from something as innocent as gratitude. 

"No," he replied, allowing the jam-lover to exit the kitchen to the sound of his voice, "I don’t think of you that way, Beyond. I think you take what you want, and give what you want, whether or not the two balance each other. That is the only reason I was … surprised earlier.”

And the jam-lover had even removed his glasses.  

Stopping in his footsteps in effort to make out what the other man was saying instead of avoiding him, Beyond turned his head to the side only slightly to stare back at him. His words definitely made sense, and he felt annoyed by the fact that he was.. right?

His grip on the mug loosened slightly and that was when he noticed his fingers began twitch again. Sighing, the copy walked further into the small living room space and placed his mug on the clean coffee table that sat neatly between the television screen and the leather couch. 

During this short amount of time, Beyond was able to speculate further into Teru’s statement, shockingly coming into brief acknowledgement that what he said was.. shockingly correct, although he refused to admit it just yet. The concept of his words were not bothering in the slightest, as it was definitely accurate when describing his behavior at once, and that is what made his eyes furrow.

Teru was observing him too much. He was becoming too comfortable around the other man, and soon enough, he may even come to him as being predictable, and when that time comes— Teru will be the one with the advantage between them, and that is not something he was so keen of.

"… I suppose you are right," he muttered in a silent mutter, pursing his lips slightly before he stretched his arm toward the remote control situated neatly against the arm-rest of the couch, mentally deciding that Japanese comedy was not a genre he found to be much appealing. "— I am full of surprises, no doubt about that.”

"You are quite heavy, too. It must be due to the fact that you spend most of your spare time lifting weights, so I should not say I am surprised in the slightest." There was a slight pause before the a low scoff escaped his lips, “— Though, It was not as if I have never dealt with lifting bodies before.”

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