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With a slight tilt of his head, Beyond grasped a thin lock of his head between his fingers all while he blinked and stared back up at the young detective with his default, boring gaze. 


Dissatisfied with his given answer, Beyond let out an obvious scoff of agitation and shook his head briefly before he dropped his hand from his face and rested his palm against the cap of his knee.

"I never did once specify that you were living in denial,” he retorted, "— that statement could have easily been an extension to my own answer, indicating that I do not have a reason to be living in denial.”

It was a simple concept.

"Perhaps if you paid much more attention to my speech patterns, you would be able to comprehend the meanings of my words."

Hm— it seemed Beyond was correct. It didn’t surprise L at all, Beyond was a very smart person. L merely nods, it can be taken in several ways.

One of which being that he didn’t really find this conversation helpful in any way to anything, or that he was simply getting bored of discussing ‘Living in denial’, as the subject was a small matter to him.

»—нмn, ιт ѕeeмѕ ι ѕнoυld тaĸe noтe oғ yoυr ѕpeecн paттernѕ—?»

hums lightly— he seems amused now, a new conversation topic is what they needed, yes?
So it shall be— what should the two discuss?

That was an obvious win, and despite feeling a growing sensation of letting it be known that he was the one between then with the advantage towards their conversation, he did not mention it.

For the sake of avoiding further conflict- as he knew stating the obvious would only be proved to be childish in his part.

"As I said," he continued, “— leaning to adapt and further analyze one’s patterns of speech would come as an upper-hand in a conversation.”

He made a slight pause of hesitation for a brief moment to raise his gaze once more and settled it on the older man, blinking, Beyond cocked his head to the side and jerked his fingers against his knee cap.


Attila gazed at the man near the entrance of the room, he was familiar that was certain. He racked his brain on the organization’s files he looked into with his free time for an answer. Hmm.. 

Beyond Birthday, he was sure of it. 5’9 in height, brown eyes, dark hair, odd mannerisms, worked best alone, and an impossibly high kill rate. This man was almost on, if not the same, level as himself. Just what kind of mission were they to be on to bring both of the best in for it? 

Attila raised an eyebrow and looked over to Mr.Hale, but found he was staring with his fingers laced under his chin at Beyond. "Yes, this is Attila and you to will be working together for this mission." The amused tone he had been using earlier was gone, all business now. "Both of you take a seat." 

Attila walked over and took his seat on the stiff couch place in front of the desk. He was eager to get out of London, but masked it with a bored expression and crossed his legs. Mr.Hale pulled out the case files and slid them across the desk towards the two. "You both will be on clean up for one of your associates. This is a very important mission and should be taken with the utmost caution on both of your parts. The one you will be after is a veteran with an experience way before your time." 

This was starting to make more since now. "Carter?" The man was here before he had even joined. Carter was considered the best and that was shown through his haughty nature and superior actions. Everyone treated him as they would Mr.Hale much to the mans suspicions, Attila was just surprised he hadn’t been taken out long ago.It was only a matter of time before he went rouge. He had just guessed everyone was afraid to go after him. 

However, looking over at what was soon to be his partner he didn’t see a trace of fear in the mans eyes. That would be a good advantage for them he supposed.

"Carter…" The name slipped from his tongue with ease. He knew the man, acquaintances, not usually the man he found himself carrying an interesting conversation with, as all he ever did seem to converse about was his time during the Vietnam war- if he remembered correctly, Dan Carter was a Green Beret, surely he had enough training in the combat field, which came as an advantage in this job.

With pursed lips, Beyond leaned over the table and slid the file towards himself and opened the folder with his thumb and fore finger where he glanced at the brief description of his former acquaintance before he settled his gaze on the given picture provided.

"Hmm…" He looked up and decided not to bother to read much of the text as he was already given the answer he had been looking for: he was not going to live too long anyway, this date was one month away, which guaranteed him enough time to thoughtfully plan his execution. But he needed more information before he gave Mr. Hale his word.

"Do you mind if I ask, Ms. Hale, what this poor veteran did to cause a disturbance?" Shooting the older man a brief glance, he leaned back against the chair and spared an extra glance towards his ‘partner’.

"— Do you believe no one is capable of taking up this sort of ‘mission’ by themselves? What makes this man’s case so special that requires two men to take him on themselves?" A slight pause as he moved his fire finger to his lips and tapped his bottom finger in a steady pace, pretending to ponder before he continued, "— Carter already has a general idea as to who I am, we do not have a very compatible relationship. Would it not be quite suspicious to have me suddenly appear into his life? Unless you would prefer we befriend him?"


"Such vulgar language, have you not been taught some sort of decency? Your guardians must be proud."


The gray room seemed to have a cold air about it despite the large glass wall streaming in rays of light of the early afternoon. Maybe it was the man sitting in the desk, form darkened by the sun surrounding him with snake eyes focused on him yet seeming to be watching everything else at the same time. He supposed in this business that act was quite the advantage.

Attila walked over to the large window with his arms linked behind his back to look down at the crowd of people caught in lunch traffic. Many of them ran about, some alone, with spouses, or with their children going through their daily routines. Like they had no idea that their bliss could be ended by the men up in this tower watching them at any given time. Every time he walked into this office it could be their end and they had no idea.

"Who will it be this time?" Attila asked in a monotone voice, turning his gaze to the man sitting at the desk sorting through his paper with a look of disinterest. Mr. Hale was a middle aged man with his brown hair brushed back with little strands of gray and green eyes that always bored but a little too with rested for his work.

"Eager today are we?" Mr.Hale’s mouth twitch up at the corners. No, he was not eager in fact. Countless flights and hard work was never enjoyable, but Attila was getting twitchy being around this city and this man. It wasn’t a surprise when one of the workers came up missing, and honestly Mr.Hale’s unusual calm face made him uneasy at any given moment.

Attila clicked his tongue and was about to look back out the window when the door behind him opened softly. Must be his partner for this contract.


With his bony, spider-esque hands buried deep within the thick layer of the pockets of his denim jeans, Beyond sauntered about the impressively decorated hallway of the large building, clearing deceiving the exterior’s. His lids were settled halfway across his eyeball in clear indication of his stoic, rather composed and collected physique. At least to the naked eye.

Accompanied with a brief brush against his lips with his tongue, as the heavy air conditioning of the building’s vents had begun to inconveniently take an unfortunate toll on his lips; drying them to a certain extent, Beyond made a sharp turn at the end of the empty hallway where the lighting had begun to dim just slightly as he advanced further.

 He took his time walking, having a strict mentality of not maintain much interest in the matter of hand, as it served no purpose in doing so. All was the same, only different circumstances. Though, he did not mind.It was an easy way of gaining capital, and there was little to no effort in his part to get the job done.

Unless the numbers had other plans in mind.

It was an unexpected, urgent call from Mr.Hale’s part- and by the sound of his speeding tone of voice via phone call, Beyond was efficiently able to conclude that this was an important situation, and he was in utmost need of getting it done quickly. 

With a slight crack of his neck, Beyond stopped the movement of his legs and stood just outside the dark wooden door, briefly analyzing the far-too-familiar texture and hand-carved artwork that was engraved into the door. For a moment, his hand lingered about the gold tinted knob of Mr.Hale’s office before a low sigh escaped his lips and he pushed the door open.

Swiping his tongue across his lips one last time, Beyond proceeded further into the room, slowly letting the door fall gently behind him. He kept his head low for a lingering moment before he jerked up and was then encountered with the presence of not just Mr. Hale, but another man- one he was not too familiar with. However, with a brief glance above the other man’s head, the odd sensation of having already heard, or even been spoken about that name before had begun to take a slight toll at his nerves. 

”.. I was not told we would be accompanied by someone else,” no greeting- straight to the point. “— This is not some sort of collaboration, is it—” With a slight cock of his head in a visible uncomfortable angle, he navigated his gaze back and settled it against the noticeably older man sitting behind the large desk, "… —Mr. Hale?"

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