Convicts ~ An Rp with beyondbirthdxy


This was going to be something to get used to. A prison cell, a roommate that was infamous, and Mello was ‘blessed’ in this situation.  He sighed, sauntering over to his cot of a bed.  Sitting down, his fingers raked through his hair and then he tilted his head.  This was not going to be easy, but Mello would make sure that no one pursued him, hurt him, no, he would protect himself. He was smart enough for that.  This was his life now, and the changes were readily welcomed.

The Beyond Birthday was in that cell, but Mello wasn’t fawning over him. This was amazing though, still he wouldn’t question him, he wouldn’t focus on Beyond. No, he had to survive on his own. But it was rather interesting. Both were from Wammy’s, both ended up on the wrong trail.  He puffed out his cheeks, leaned back, and listened to the small noise around their cell, but there was nothing but their steady breathing in this cell.  Mello heard his real name and he looked up to the guard that slammed the barred door shut. “Welcome home, Mihael.”  What a horrendous name he thought.

Mello turned to glance at Beyond once more and then straightened his spine. “I know a lot about you. You were of Wammy’s house.  Everyone was so interested in your case.”  He muttered and then turned away. “Most would be creaming their pants to meet you, but all I have to say is, I don’t care what you did, just don’t fuck with me and we should be fine.”

He was setting his boundaries, learning the walls of prison. Beyond was there for so long, and he was new there, but he wanted to let everyone know he wasn’t a push over.  No, Mello was fierce and cold.  He could calculate and manipulate, but all would have to be in the right circumstances.

That was quick, yet- the content of his words were what surprised the young criminal to the point he raised his gaze from the book he held in his hands. It took a mere moment of him staring at the wall in front of him before he finally turned his head to the side in order to get a clear view of his newest cellmate.

His gaze was heavy, and most would describe it as being intimidating if not wild and crazed, yet- his reaction only existed as the old name was mentioned after so many years; it was almost foreign, as if it was his first time hearing it, yet the memory and background coexisting within Quillish Wammy’s name was as clear as day.

To say he was surprised would be an understatement; seeing how yet another Wammy’s resident had ended in such a pathetic, yet ironic, trail. He bit onto the tip of his tongue to suppress the urge to laugh, laugh at his cellmate, laugh at the orphanage, and laugh at L. 

Finally, with a slight hum and nod at his part, Beyond kicked his legs off of the sink and turned his body around on his chair and faced the young blonde appropriate, respectfully. Out of habit, he subconsciously did bring one of his legs to his chest and rested his chin against his knee with his head cocked merely to the side whilst he stared.

"… How ironic," he spoke, his voice was hoarse due to the lack of usage, deep and rough after years of continuous smoking after his imprisonment— yet another habit that was depicted after his downfall that did not seem to be going away any time soon. With a slight glance above the other male’s head, he was able to confirm that Mihael was anything but an alias, which ultimately lead to sparing time in discussing names and ‘letters’.

"— Oh no," he continued, where a dramatic, clearly exaggerated pout had formed against his face , "— That’s an embarrassment.. pity, even. I do get quite shy and flustered when I am considered a hot topic…" Raising his gaze back to settle it against the other male, he dropped his pout and returned his expression to it’s usual stance.



The sudden popularity of that really old Beyond Birthday fanart I posed a few years back is both jarring and heartening.

Is there some kind of source for the sudden interest in BB that I dont know about? Please do tell.

Convicts ~ An Rp with beyondbirthdxy



It wasn’t a simple crime that the blonde committed, no.  Murder, drug dealings, weapon trades, and intent to murder.  The judge didn’t go easy and now he was in for life.  An orange prison suit was mandatory, given to him on his first day there. The metallic bars would be his new home, right where he would be imprisoned. A pretty boy he was and that set up potential for him to be targeted, but he was a fighter. Despite that lithe frame, he could take down the strongest of man with tact and wit.  Mello was no gullible fool that was for sure. Here was the time, this was the place, now this was home. 

He was barely nineteen, but his life decisions left him in this predicament.  No chances of parole, his life forever bent to be broken.  The guard handed him his towel, bar of soap, and his second set of clothing. “Follow me, chump.”  The burly man led him to a prison cell, one with a man already occupying it. “Beyond, fresh meat.”  Mello was nudged into the cell only to be left confused. Beyond? There was no way he said that… But alas, that was the name, and Mello knew it from hearing stories in the orphanage he grew up in.  Beyond Birthday.. This is where he resides, now that same for myself…

He knew exactly who this was and it was intimidating, and frightening as hell.

Already being aware that a name and description of his newest cellmate would be categorized as no beneficial value, as descriptions were only the only excuse he would intend on using as an attempt to seek a minimum conversation with his cellmates. So, being informed of the other’s crime, and why they did it was information he would rather hear from the convict himself. Answers would usually be biased if it was a guard whom was the one to speak in regards.

Sitting patiently in his cell, with his back facing the bars themselves, Beyond rested his legs against the sink while sat on a chair with a book in hand. He was not in any way interested or intrigued to meet his newest cellmate, if anything- he was indifferent in regards to the situation in general. He had not even met the poor man and he already had a default mentality that he was not to ‘survive’ more than a month in the same cell as him, which would lead to a request in transfer. Happened multiple times in his seven years of his imprisonment.

With a barely audible sigh and a brief flick of his fingers as he turned to the next page of the book he had been reading, he had suddenly heard the far too familiar footsteps of the guards, followed an extra set of feet, approaching his cell.

Still, he did not turn around to face the three men, rather- he merely nodded as they spoke, making no unnecessary remark as they referred to the other man as “fresh meat”, it made no difference to the situation. Instead, he allowed them to attend to their own business.

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Okay, I mentioned this before but it was under a read more and thus pretty hidden, but I made a Teru Mikami RP blog on tumblr. I don’t know how much I’ll use it, because I never was able to work with tumblr’s RP system well but I am really interested in RPing with other DN people so I’ll give my best.

I’d do a fancy promo graphic but all I have on my mom’s computer is MS Paint and that doesn’t do for fancy. So let’s just say here that I have 8 years of RP experience, have been playing Mikami for around 4 years and that the blog is probably going to be multiverse and multiship - if anybody can get Mikami into a ship, haha. Oh, and since I made it with the sole purpose of interacting with other DN RPers, the blog won’t do crossover.
I try to aim for being as IC as possible, but I sometimes think I am better at writing analysis about Teru than at actually writing him so any polite critique is welcome.

My experience with tumblr RP is small so if I seem a bit lost on what to do…. it’s probably because I am. (I’ve been RPing on LJ/DW for around 5 years and now getting used to anything else is a bit of a challenge.)

Consider yourself informed and if you don’t care about RP, don’t worry, this is the only post I’ll make about this on here.

if you guys every feel bad just remember that you are not me and you did not just lose a check for $100. :)