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Send me “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” for my muse’s reaction to finding yours with blood covered hands.


this is more of a beyond birthday themed blog than a roleplay blog— occasionally. Once I turn in my college applications, I will get back to role-playing properly. ye.

but literally my favorite type of B is him in a prison jumpsuit, scarred, and smoking a cigarette tbh.

beyond birthday enthusiast.

Bedside Manners. | Beyondbirthdxy



A frowned at the immediate, if silent, refusal from the other teenager. Though he knew he couldn’t see it, he shook his head and rolled his eyes anyways, huffing.

"You have to try and eat something, otherwise you’ll only feel worse because you’re sick and have an empty stomach.” He said quietly, carefully approaching the side of B’s bed. “C’mon, i’ll even feed it to you by the spoonful and run you a hot bath afterwards if you ask nicely~”

Another low grumble came from the dark haired boy as he was forced to deal with the unnecessary nurturing instincts from his roommate. He opened his eyes and heaved out a low sigh before he turned back over to his side to face the other boy.

Being fed and placed in a hot bath did seem rather intriguing. 

”.. What did you make?” He asked, forcing himself to sit slightly up on his bed before he wiped his nose with his moist sleeve, yet again, as he glances upwards to stare at the young boy with half-lidded eyes. 



I was studying all day to take this stupid online 25 question quiz for ap gov only to get 64%. with my score included, the class average dropped to 59% im crying.

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Prefiero no hablar sobre este tema tan grotesco. ¿Pondrás darme otra pregunta que no sea esa? — Había reclamado el criminal al entender el propósito y el motivo de la conversación. Generalmente no se atrevía declarar nada que podrá dar el supuesto de ser inquieto de cualquier forma.

No te daría gusto si le preguntaba ese tipo de pregusta a usted, ¿Verdad?

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