the lack of BB x Light art in this fandom amazes me. where is it.



did somebody say BBXKIRA?????

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Anonymous says: //Dude... that hand gore was awesome 0-0


yah i know right?

Anonymous says: Sorry if you've been asked this before, but what would you say B's zodiac sign is?

Gemini. (not because I am one myself ha~!) Simply because I have noticed that most notorious serial killers that we know of even today (i.e. Jeffrey Dahmer, Kenneth Bianchi, David Berkowitz, Richard Chase, whatever you get the point) are under the sign of the Gemini, and with further research I have made, and have been given, I also noticed the Geminis are the most complicated to identify and get a grasp of out of the other signs, which is literally B, I think.

(( and im actually too lazy to investigate other signs lmao.))

 L “if you aint got no money get yo broke ass home unless theres a large number of victims involved” Lawliet


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L’s birthday is on halloween and his death anniversary is five days later how great

B is going to dress up as L for halloween.

wonderfullyphycotic says: ((i wish i could talk to you))

"You are now."




    He’s already having thoughts about what to do with your jam.

"Perhaps you mistook the sugar with salt instead?"

frostedjustice says: "You look so pathetic sitting there all chained up."




Torture Sentence Starters.

Beyond shot his head up as soon as he heard the far-too-familiar voice reach his ears so suddenly. He stared at the detective with a scowl, clearly finding everything that transpired as of this moment to be infuriating, sending nothing but pure range throughout his body.

This predicament.. was surely embarrassing, not only because he was the one who was currently restrained on the chair, but because he had lost his guard around the other man, being far too comfortable around him; resulting in his ultimate downfall. 

He would be lying if he claimed he was not impressed however, his rope work was decent, it was tight and it the killer was far positive it would leave his body bruised, and his hands were already suffering the poor treatment by having been dealing with the tight strains on his wrists, they were lacking air and they were already turning into a terrible shade of purple.

"This is far from what I expected from you," he finally responded, "— you’re definitely full of surprises."

His heart thumped rapidly against his chest as he heard the other man speak before him. He still did not speak, as the stinging pain at the corner of his lips prevented minor motion from happening without shooting waves of uncomfortable pain.

When his wrist was released was freed, he made no attempt to grab onto the other man, as he knew it would only prove useless, because even with a free hand, L had the upper-hand. The rest of his limbs were held in place. Instead, Beyond raised his hand to his lips and wiped at the blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, and that was when he noticed he was trembling.


"… Why?"


                “♚— Why? You want to know why I am doing this? Well…Heh, Beyond. First, I want to ask you, why do you do it? Hm?…..If you lack the strength to answer, then that is fine, I am just curious. So it is not something that you are required to answer.  -  L quickly then went to pick up the blood stained knife, he gripped it in his already bloody hands, and it wasn’t long until he was dragging the blade down the bone area of his leg; he stopped at his knee. L watched the blood spew out from the small wound. It wasn’t something that he witnessed often, but right now, he didn’t exactly…hate the sight. He loved it.

               ”Hm…Beyond, I now know why you find this so thrilling, and I am beginning to question why I did not do this sooner.

Beyond clenched his teeth shut and shot the other man a scowl. His fingers twitched against his mouth and he rubbed at his wounds before he finally decided to speak against him.


The slight pain at his leg did not bother him much, as the denim of his jeans kept it from sinking into his flesh too much, but it still stung and ached. He licked his wounds and forced a painful grin, ”Why did I do it?” he repeated the question with a slight chuckle, “— You know fare well why I did it. There is no need to explain myself much further.” The pain that shot through the corners of his mouth did not bother him as much as they did before, it only created an irritating sensation whenever he opened his mouth.

His fingers twitched as the pain in his leg increased, and he shot his arm out and reached for L’s hand.