i need prison verses thank


Anonymous says: Want some gummie bears????

not a gummy person.

"I refuse your offer."

Anonymous says: How do you dispose of your victims?

"….. I do not dispose of my victims. I take it you have absolutely no minor idea as to who I am, I take it. In fact- I do the opposite of getting rid of corpses, need I remind you."

This fandom needs more scarred prisoner Beyond Birthday cause need I remind you that it is CANON.

"There are so many people who are FASCINATED with serial killers!"

*entire class turns their head to look at me*

Anonymous says: Herrow~ Its Alecia the anon and I was wondering if I could 1: get a kiss from you because I'm in love and 2: Could I get a knife from you? One that you've used. I would love to have one of your knives (•u•)


         ”Hello Alecia the anon,

To start off:  I find exchanging, or even giving simple kisses to be rather unsanitary for me, and I do not go out of my way to give others what they please such as that, or other signs of unnecessary affection, so I will have to say no to such a proposal. As for your second request, I find it to be rather foolish of me to be carrying around such obvious evidence such as knives I had already used on my victims. All tools used during the series of murders have been discarded afterward in effort to get rid of them, I do not keep them for the sake of viewing them as trophies, so no.

PS. If you do have some sort of strange affection towards me, as you had previously stated, I will be blunt and state that I advise you keep professional psychological help. I am not one individuals, young women (as I am assuming you are), to be falling for. Have you no recollection of what I am capable of? Your parents must be concerned!”

Anonymous says: *stands on a stool to get eye level with you, messes with your hair a little and boops some frosting on your nose and puts a cherry on it, hands you a cake* all for you~ have a lovely day my princess~