Of all the reactions Teru expected from Beyond, the short, dismissive phrase was not on the list. He glanced down at the other with a look of slight surprise, watching him as he was drawn to the cluttered countertops by his desire to clean any mess. Slightly confused, but not entirely disappointed, the attorney leaned his elbows against the countertops, his chin raised slightly.

Perhaps it was preferable to Beyond’s usual comebacks. Perhaps it was a welcomed respite from the eternal fighting spirit the other seemed to possess. Teru sipped again from his glass before replying, “If I sound angry, it’s likely that I am less than overjoyed. I don’t know how long you’ve been staying in my house, but I’m sure you still remember - I didn’t exactly invite you.”

Uncharacteristic for him, as well. He peered over Beyond’s shoulder, suddenly feeling quite discontented with the idea of the skulking man being the only one to engage in manual labor. “Here, let me help with that, if you don’t mind.”

With the continuous scrubbing of the counter with the towel, Beyond had not made much effort to face the other man as it proved useless to even consider starting an argument with the attorney, given his sudden change of state. Is that how a few glasses of alcohol got him? How inconvenient.

He had not let the quick remark show any signs that he was bothered in the slightest, as he was not, Teru had a point— He was never invited to stay over his apartment, in fact, Beyond simple followed him and he became accustomed to his surroundings rather easily. 

"True, you never did once invite me to stay over," he responded, "— but you never did once tell me to leave either." As he finished scrubbing the counter top clean, glancing at him only slightly as he peered over his shoulder, he discarded the cloth in the sink where he was later deemed to wash the mess off.

"I already finished." He turned around to face him and immediately turned his attention to look at the nearly empty bottle of wine on the other side of the kitchen. "Why are you drinking so late, Teru?"



"No, I -" Teru was about to continue insisting that he was not useless in a kitchen, that he was happy to do anything Beyond would rather leave up to him, and that he wasn’t going to let the young man scare him away from the present task, even…

Beyond rested the palms of his hands against the edge of the counter and stared at the other man as he began to basically raise his voice at him, his tone giving off clear indication that he was anything but happy of what had transpired.

Beyond pursed his lips and lowered his gaze instead, running his fingers against the flour on the counter. He did not initially intend to annoy, much less anger Teru, but it made sense that he would find distractions to be all but necessary when he was in the middle of work. It was not intentional, Beyond had only just state that his keyboard was loud, and that he was hungry. Never did he ever tell Teru to stop working, not had he even force him to step into the kitchen to bake.

"… There is no need to sound so angry." he muttered, already beginning to stretch his arm towards one of the drawers in the kitchen to retrieve a clean towel, as the mess had soon come to be unbearable to even witness for him.



"No, I -" Teru was about to continue insisting that he was not useless in a kitchen, that he was happy to do anything Beyond would rather leave up to him, and that he wasn’t going to let the young man scare him away from the present task, even if he was now wielding a knife, but in the end, he realized that perhaps it would just be a waste of breath. Thwarted in his efforts to be hospitable, he swallowed the rest of the wine with a swift gesture.

He reached into a lower cabinet and pulled out a baking pan, while the other hacked at the flour, and proceeded to properly grease it so whatever concoction Beyond made wouldn’t stick. He also retrieved a few spoons, placing them with a slightly forceful *clink* on the counter.

"Tell me if you need help," he said, refusing to give up even if he had given up arguing about it.

He continued to hover, wordlessly observing the novel process of baking a cake and trying to help Beyond with small tasks, until finally the oven was ready for use. By that time the counters were a complete mess, and Teru found himself grateful that Beyond possessed a compulsion toward cleaning. He reached out and opened the oven for the young man, his third glass of the blood-red wine in his other hand.

After letting the batter sit on the pan after an efficient time of mixing the elements together, Beyond rubbed a growing inch on the side of his nose with a flour coated hand before he set forth with the simple task of sliding the pan inside the heated oven.

The heat instantly made his skin crawl and he moved his arm away almost instantly as he forced himself to stand back upright so he was able to use his foot in effort to close the oven door, to prevent experiencing the dramatic hot temperature again.

With a heave, Beyond placed his hands on the dirty counter and turned back to look at the young dark haired attorney with an exhausted look on his face, "That was not as bad.." he muttered with a slight scoff.

"Though, the mess…" he shook his head in slight disbelieve before he narrowed his gaze to fix itself on the flour spilled counter, topped with occasional spilling of the batter, "— I am not too fond of it."

He glanced back to look at the other man, noticing yet another filled glass of red-wine grasped firmly in his hand. Was that his third?



"Just because I don’t care very much for task of eating, doesn’t mean I’m picky. Anyway, I apologize for causing you concern,” he replied in a tone that couldn’t be pinned down as either sarcastic, or completely earnest. Teru removed the cork from the wine bottle and poured a small amount into the glass, the color reminding him, strangely, of blood. He briefly noticed that Beyond had begun to take the reigns on the cake, and was about to let him, when the young man spoke to the same effect.

That changed his mind. “I said I would make something for you; I’m not going to just stand here if you want me to help. But I told you, this kitchen is rather small. Just …” he paused, “… tell me what I can do, Beyond.”

What an odd situation. What a dreadful waste of time. What a singular-minded man Beyond Birthday was. Teru took a small sip from the glass before commenting, “Out of jam. You ate it in a matter of hours, remember?”

"I agreed on assisting you, given you do not seem to know the basics of baking, Teru." he retorted, he opened his mouth to speak but was immediately disrupted by the loud sound of his stomach beginning to rumble. 

"If you did not wish to bake, much less cook for me, I do not see how you would force yourself to do it in the first place. A simple ‘No’ could have been taken without a hassle." He let out a small sigh and reached his hand over to grab the small sack of flour before he continued to speak, "— I am not very skilled at making my own food, but I suppose I can manage this myself with a brief lesson from the internet."

There was a faint sound of complete annoyance, or even disappointment as he spoke, but the tone had seemed to go unnoticed by the killer as he seemed to be more concentrated by cutting open the dusty sack with a spare knife.



As Beyond scurried away with the eggs in his hands, Teru gently set down the bottle and turned to face him again, his look of annoyance slightly dampened by one of exasperated calm. He leaned against the counter and crossed his arms loosely, sighing before speaking again.

"I was exaggerating," he said simply. "Nutrition is important if you want to maintain stamina throughout the day - I know this. I take each day’s challenges and goals very seriously, Beyond. I simply don’t cook at home. I’m gone most of the day, and at night it’s often too late to consider.”

He peered at the ingredients, noting their match to the recipe he had discovered, and went to pre-heat the oven. When the dial was set, he opened one of his cabinets and retrieved a small glass. He glanced at the young jam-lover, as if compelled to ask him if he wanted a glass of wine as well, but decided not to. Beyond would certainly make his desires known if he had them.

"Then do not say the only thing you do happen to consume when you enter the kitchen is coffee, Teru. I was nearly concerned for a moment." he responded, "— Normally, I would expect someone like you to find it much more appropriate to cook a home, you seem to be slightly picky with what you want, and I wondered if that was also set in terms of what you consumed…" 

With that being shared, Beyond pushed himself off the counter and began to run through the cupboard of the small kitchen in search of bowls that would be appropriate for use. He stared at him through the corner of his eye and noticed the glass in his hand, where the prediction that he was about to pour himself some wine had become relatively clear.

"I’ll take it you will not make much effort in baking the cake," he muttered, nearly to himself as he retrieved a simple bowl, capable of withholding the batter that was soon to be created for the cake. With a brief skimming through the ingredients that were placed in front of him, he was already able to conclude that the cake would be of purely vanilla flavor.

"This cake would taste great with jam."



Teru grit his teeth, fully aware that his expression was less than stoic, yet baffled to think why it amused Beyond so much. Nevertheless, he had decided the entire matter was not worth the fight. There was no reason why Beyond couldn’t be a part of his own meal’s creation. It certainly wouldn’t cause more trouble than a general feeling of uneasiness and stress. But that could be managed.

"Very well," he glanced down at his phone, prepared to read off the list of simple ingredients, believing the young man to have as little kitchen savvy as he had. But Beyond seemed ahead of him.

"Well of course I don’t bake!" Teru adjusted his glasses moodily, "The only thing I make consistently in this kitchen is coffee." But that reminded him that he had a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, and he reached over Beyond’s hunched shoulders to take it.

The jam-lover’s nose scrunched in discomfort when he felt him reach over his shoulders for the bottle of wine, and having already gotten a hold of the carton of a dozen eggs, Beyond immediately moved away in a short of flinch.

He walked past him and placed the carton next to the other set of ingredients that had already been placed prior before he leaned his lower back against the counter and stared at him with a lifted eyebrow.

"That is rather difficult to believe," he began, “You must cook at some point, Teru. One cannot life without basic essentials you find in food, like nutrients, and necessary vitamins. Coffee—” there was a pause and he looked at the bottle of wine he now held in his hands, “— nor wine have those necessary elements.” 

He knew he was exaggerating, but surely Teru must have other use for the kitchen than his claim of only supplying himself with a simple cup of coffee.



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Teru paused, a small measuring cup in his hand, and turned to face the other. Beyond was correct - he had certainly not been told to bake, much less go through any sort of effort like the one he was about to undertake. He felt quite confused by his own actions, and gave Beyond a look that revealed his thoughts.

"Oh, well … " he lowered his hand, dropping it by his side. He had never been asked to make someone dinner before. Though he rarely used his kitchen, and never even considered the different levels of gourmet that existed in the world, someone he didn’t think in terms of efficiency or ease. It just wasn’t the way his mind worked. But he felt rather embarrassed to be confronted with this by the young jam-lover.

"I’ll be quick," he said, but his tone was less annoyed and more apologetic than previously. "And fine, I suppose you can stay here if you would like to."

With a clear look of complete satisfaction, Beyond returned his gaze back to settle on the other man as he hinted a look of complete embarrassment plastered on his face, which nearly made the jam-lover giggle.

"Why are you making that face?" he pointed out, subconsciously raising a pale hand in effort to emphasize what he was referring to. "I also would not have insisted on staying here if I did not want to, Teru," another brief fact worth mentioning to the other man as he stepped further inside the small kitchen.

He dragged his legs to move as he neared the refrigerator, knowing fare well that in terms of baking, eggs are essential, especially when it involved baking a simple cake.

"You do not bake much, I’m presuming."